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IML Automation System


STAR philosophy is to create automated systems with highly accurate positioning, designed to reach the fastest cycle time using Star's standard robots.
Star uses standard components adopted on the large-scale production of the Star Group: standard robots of our own production, only one controller capable to manage the whole automation, EOAT components made by Star.

Star proposes 2 solutions:

IML using SIDE-ENTRY robot

This automation system has been designed by Star Automation mainly for IML packaging applications.
IML flex systemIt features 7 servo driven axis for the whole management and handling of moulded products and of labels, if IML application is required. A single Stec-470 control system, which can manage up to 8 servo driven axis, controls the entire system. It features a colour touch-screen display for easy and free programming of the sequences.
The main characteristics of the new 7S Flex automation system for IML model is its flexibility, as it can manage a number of significantly different processes and allows the operator to switch from one process to another in just a few minutes.
Accelerations and speed of the system are suitable for moulding applications up to 4 seconds; thanks to its wide strokes these applications can be installed beside IMMs with clamping force between 200 and 700 tons.
All dimensions, times and programs can be stored as all movements are carried out by servomotors; this makes production changes considerably easier and ensures higher quality and accurateness.
Moreover, the 7S Flex is made with original Star products, which have been pre-tested on thousands of other robots of the range, ensuring thus a high reliability over time.
A series of options completes this system and makes it ideal for use in cleanroom.

With compact side-entry robot:
IML: side entry robot


With compact side-entry robot, it is the most suitable solution for simple application and moulds with low number of cavities and products having limited dimensions.

All this in one automation cell and only one IMM/robot system to manage !





IML using TOP-ENTRY robot

IML: top-entry robot

Really flexible solution for applications with cycle time >8 sec, used mainly for large size products. Very little open mould daylight.

All this in one automation cell and only one IMM/robot system to manage!
Special components are limited as much as possible.
Choice of expert partners for commercial components and special machined parts.
Full servodriven solutions with "ergonomic" layout coming from our know-how.


With 2 vertical arms:
IML: 2 vertical arms




With 2 vertical arms: for applications with cycle time >8 sec and very little open mould daylight, used mainly for large size products.





Low consumption:
Main power 10kVA - 380/400/415V - 50/60Hz
Air consumption 50 L/min
Pendant screen and motor OFF if not used.
Dust reduction:
Special cable chains
Air conditioning with positive pressure
Polycarbonate safety guards to cover the entire automation
Air conditioning with positive pressure

Short installation time and adjustment time.
Low-power motors
Low air consumption
High flexibility

Short set-up time for production change and optimization of quantities produced.Information request

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